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Group Medical Benefits

Medical Insurance protects you, your employees, and covered dependents from the high cost of quality health care.  Choosing health care plans and providers can be very challenging with the variety of deductibles, coinsurance, prescription drug options, and provider networks available.  We work with regional and national insurance companies and administration firms to help find the providers and options that best fit your needs and the needs of your employees.  We also help our clients design and implement Flexible Spending Account programs, Health Reimbursement Arrangement Accounts, and Health Savings Account Plans.

Group Disability Benefits

Disabilities can disrupt careers and place severe financial and emotional strains on your employees and their families. Group Disability Insurance is designed to provide you and your employees with a continuing monthly income in the event of a serious occupational or non-occupational disability.  Participants have the advantage of attractive group rates without medical underwriting questions.  Benefits can continue until Social Security Normal Retirement Date.  We work with leading insurance companies and administration firms to design unique, cost-effective programs.

Group Life Insurance

If one of your employees dies, their dependents could suffer financial hardships if Life Insurance benefits were not available.  Group Life Insurance is designed to provide beneficiaries with the financial security that your employee would have otherwise provided. High benefit amounts are available without any medical questions, and we work with leading insurance companies to design customized plans for employees and dependents.

Group Dental Benefits

Dental Insurance is designed to encourage preventative dental care for you, your employees, and covered dependents.  By providing benefits for various types of preventative and restorative dental care services, your employees can maintain good dental health at affordable costs.  We work with leading insurance companies and administration firms to help design, evaluate, and implement insured and self-insured programs.

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits require no employer contributions, and they are provided through pre-tax or after-tax payroll deductions. Employees appreciate opportunities to purchase these supplemental benefits at attractive group rates.  Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, and Long Term Care Insurance can all be offered through Voluntary programs. We work with leading “worksite” insurance companies to help evaluate, communicate, and enroll these plans.

Group Retirement Plans

Most Americans need approximately 80% of their pre-retirement income to maintain their lifestyle in retirement.  At average income levels, current Social Security benefits will provide only about 35% of the needed 80%; and most Americans live about 20 years in retirement.  We can help design and implement the most appropriate Retirement Plan(s) for you and your employees, and we work with leading providers to design customized options for these important programs.